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Sacma S.p.A. is one of Europe's leading companies in the production of paper bags and wrapping paper. Founded by Eligio Maestri in 1967, it is known and appreciated for the quality and reliability of its products.

Sacma S.p.A. started its journey with the production of flat bottom paper bags for the northern Italian market, and has continued to diversify its products over the years, developing new ranges in line with its customer's wishes.

Its constant experimentation and research has made Sacma S.p.A. the producer of choice for large-scale distributors and chains across Europe and worldwide.

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We aim to provide a customer service that is not only excellent, but will be remembered as better than any other.

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50 employees
Turnover: 12 million

Wrapping paper: more than a billion sheets
Thermosealed bags, with and without window: 200 million
Flat bottom bags with window: 150 million
Flat bottom bags: 400 million

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telefono[T] +39 030.7450472
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Sacma Spa - VAT N. IT 00544760986 - C.F. 00099630170 - COOKIE POLICY - PRIVACY POLICY
R.E.A. of BS 158768 - Reg. Capital: € 104.000

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