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For Sacma S.p.A. innovation means imagining new ways of producing the same objects that make our daily life easier in some way.

We are working constantly to develop new techniques and materials, providing advanced product designs and combinations, while remaining true to our corporate responsibility as seen in our use of ethical products, and the constant updating of our certification to ensure product quality.
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Op-là is the system designed by Sacma to offer customers a very special, truly unique bag which is both simple and practical. The handle provides an easy way of sealing the bag, making it more convenient to carry and providing an elegant, high-quality visual effect.

The handle is available in custom colours and designs.

The New Packaging Style
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Sacma S.p.A. has been concerned about safeguarding the environment since its earliest days. Over the years we have aimed to offer products made with natural, sustainable materials. In line with this approach, we create products from an exclusive material designed as an alternative to the ordinary range of bags. It is environmentally friendly, mainly consisting of natural fibre and recycled paper fibre.
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Grill8 is one of our outstanding products that established Sacma’s leading place in the market. An ideal product for artisan food products that need to be packaged in the fresh state. Its main features are its heat-retaining capacity (excellent for takeaways) and prevention of oil or fluid leakage.
In 2011 we developed EasyForm, for shaping the Grill8 product. Practical and hygienic, it makes full use of a generous-sized square base.

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