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For Sacma S.p.A., paper “has a temperature, an aroma, a colour, a soul, and always has something different to tell us”. This enables us to create innovative products. We are constantly striving to use different kinds of paper, chosen from the best producers, all of whom use ecological materials (organic products derived from nature), based on recycled processing waste. In this way, a potential waste product is transformed into a resource for protecting the environment.
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"Technology and nature, should go hand in hand to ensure our everyday well-being".

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At the Spedali Civili di Brescia hospital, we support neuropsychiatric specialists who treat autistic children and young people at the local Children’s Hospital.

In addition to other entrepreneurial ventures set up in the Brescia district to tackle social problems, we support the “I Bambini delle Fate” Foundation.

This initiative aims to improve the communication and social abilities of autistic children, supporting parents with tailor-made training sessions.

For more details of these projects, see www.ibambinidellefate.it
i bambini delle fate
This is the “Foundation Document” of the business, our code of moral rights and duties defining the ethical and social responsibility of each member of the business organization.
Our values include: equity and equality, transparency, honesty, diligence, impartiality, confidentiality, health and safety, and environmental protection.
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